It’s So Nice to Receive Blog Awards

Over the past few months, I’ve received blog awards for both Afternoon Tea and Darla Writes. Here are the bloggers, with a link to the award post:

4am Writer for the Awesome Blog Content (ABC) Award to Darla Writes.

George Kinnard for the Kreativ Blogger Award to Afternoon Tea. (He wrote an excellent series of posts about his father.) I also received this award for Darla Writes back in January.

R.C. Norman for the Reader Appreciation Award to Afternoon Tea.

These three awards ask for a list of things that you may not know about me. Here’s a post on Darla Writes that I wrote when I received my first award and includes a list for you to enjoy.

Yawatta Hosby for the Lucky 7 Award to Afternoon Tea.

This award asks for a look at some of my fiction writing, which is available here on Tea for all to see.

Thanks so much to my readers for this recognition. These awards are treasure to new writers like me.

10 thoughts on “It’s So Nice to Receive Blog Awards

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