Karch Kiraly, the Olympics, and the Copy Editor

You’ve probably come upon childhood mementos that foreshadowed your love for words and writing. That happened to me this week as I searched through a junior high school yearbook.

All because of the Olympics.

Read my post over on Darla Writes where I have fun with memories of attending school with Karch Kiraly (Olympic volleyball great and this year’s women’s volleyball coach; we attended the same schools) and my first copy editing job.

3 thoughts on “Karch Kiraly, the Olympics, and the Copy Editor

  1. Irene

    That’s pretty cool that he actually was the best volleyball player as predicted! I sometimes wonder what my classmates are up to, but then I come back to reality and say “Nah, who cares”. We weren’t a very close class.
    I used to compile, create, edit, copy and distribute the school newspaper for my kid’s elementary school and LOVED IT! Late nights/early mornings editing and c&p’ing clip art. I still have some of those editions. Of course, there are the occasional mistypes and spelling errors, but we’re only human!


    1. Darla McDavid Post author

      We had a great group of students that year and I’m still friends with many of them (just came back from having lunch with one). It’s fascinating for me to find that I was already interested in the craft long ago. School newsletters are fun to create; I do that monthly and, yes, I still find errors!



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